Wertykalny, układ diagonalny – Łodzi

Vertical & Diagonal Configurations                                    Dom Literatury w Łodzi

“Casa della letteratura”, Lodz – Polonia      inaugurazione: 14 maggio 2018, ore 18


R. Gianinetti -“Teorema diagonale”, xilografie, 2018 – 30×30 cm, edizioni 6
R. Gianinetti “Teorema verticale”, xilografie, 2018 – 30x30cm, edizioni 6


Dom Literatury, Lodz

In 2018, we start a series of exhibitions entitled ” Vertical configuration, Diagonal configuration”. It is the 8th edition of exhibitions from series of Miniatures.
The presentation formula is intended to show the difference in the interpretation of the above concepts.
We expect from artists an answer in the form of two works of the format 30x30cm. One work with reference to the term „Vertical configuration” and the other in relation to the term „Diagonal configuration „.
Each of the completed works will be a separate visualization and interpretation of each of the aforementioned concepts.
Address: House of Literature in Lodz, ul. Roosevelt 17, 90-056 Lodz.
Exhibition Opening: 14 May, 6 p.m
Prof. Andrzej Gieraga
dr hab. Małgorzata Dobrzyniecka Kojder